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How to watch TV on PC

Hello guys! 🙂 As the TWD season is over as well as my posts about different chapters, I decided to make a a how-to post about watching TV on your computer for free. In this tutorial I’ll show 2 ways I’m watching live tv on my computer, so, CONTINUE! 🙂

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Fear The Walking Dead return…

Hey! As you all probably know, Fear The Walking Dead is returning for season 3. The date announced – June 4th. Now, lets see what we know/have so far… Continue reading for videos, photos, synopsis and more!

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TWD:NML Ep16 – To the Rescue

TWD: No man’s land just came to the finale of S7. We unlock EZEKIEL after easy and hard missions of the last Ep16!!!

This time we have Carol in leader position and Ezekiel against Saviors as well as Tank and Normal walkers.

Promo video:

Normal/Hard walkthrough by PainWalker:

Watch The Walking Dead S7 FINALE

The Walking Dead season 7 FINALE – “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life” already came! Cannot believe it ended so fast… Comment and share this free content with your friends!


The Walking Dead season finale – PROMO

Are you ready for this? The finale of The Walking Dead season 7 is just around the corner. Is war going to start? Or we’re gonna have to wait for another season? Share your thoughts in the comments and watch promo clip of the next and last episode 🙂 P.S. If you still wanna catch up with the last episode, go HERE to watch it.

Survival: How to Hot-Wire a Car

Hi! This time in survival series we go for How to Hot-Wire a Car. Admit it, we all saw our heroes do it on TV – on some TV shows like The Walking Dead – not even once or twice, and always thought “Cool… What would I do..?”. This is it. Today you gonna learn it. Watch, read and be ready for whatever is going to hit our world – you will thank us then.

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TWD:NML Deep-Sea Creatures

If you haven’t seen the TV episode 15, go HERE, NOW! 🙂

No Man’s Land Episode 15: Deep-Sea Creatures

This week we have Rick, Daryl, and…. GABRIEL!!!!!

+New walker: Goo – A strong walker, ready to burst if punctured with great force. Read more about Goo and other walkers HERE.

For a reward we get Daryl tokens.


  • When killing first walkers on the map, charge shooter to have two shots ready when Goo comes.
  • When you kill all of the walkers that comes with the first Goo, another, bigger wave comes just instantly. Be prepared – kill the last of the first wave walkers from a safe distance (bottom of the map) and count your moves so that your another two survivors would have their actions still available.
  • Did 4/5 trials with Abraham/Rick/Legendary Hunter, 5/5 with Rosita (epic)/Tara (rare)/Leg. Hunter.


PROMO and Walkthrough:

Watch The Walking Dead S7Ep15

Hey again! The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15: “Something They Need” is here. After this, we have only 1 episode left in the season!!! What do you think about this one?


P.S. For a little time, streaming site was down, fortunately, they have another address, but for some time, movies (TV shows working) will be unavailable until we’ll change the links. Sorry for trouble!

Fear TWD: Passage – complete series

Hi guys, how’s your Monday? 😀 Today is the day that we all get to know what happens to the girls in FearTWD: Passage web series – the part 16 came – and it’s the last one. There is a big possibility that they will join our beloved heroes in FTWD when it comes back. With that being said…

Click here to watch Fear TWD: Passage

If you still haven’t seen the original FTWD series (2 seasons so far, 3rd one coming) you will find it in the same place.

I know that I always wrote about TWD new episode in the same post too, but this time I thought that FTWDP deserves a separate one, so check next post!

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts below! 😉



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