This post is mainly about Game episode 12: Bogeys. If you want to see Episode 12 of The Walking Dead Season 7 – PRESS HERE.


This is first time we actually meet Freemen in the S7 missions. As well as them, we are gonna fight Tank and Normal walkers.

Tips, strategies:

  • When you open the car, try having your survivors near it, so when the scout freemen comes, he doesn’t see you. Wait until walkers get him – if the way is clear, try running, if not, go through the bottom while killing your way through and letting other zombies take the scout.
  • What I did: when going with Rick and Michonne, don’t use overwatch on first one. Attack with Michonne first, then the leader trait will kick in and attack with Rick. You will take dmg, but will kill him. Then, move to bottom left, wait for walkers and charge while killing them. Some of them will attack another savior, help them with Rick. When it’s cleared, go to the car. And while opening, hide behind it (stay at top right). Walkers will spawn and attack scout, again, help them with Rick, and at the same time go through bottom of the map. Your survivor will take dmg, but you should be able to complete it.
  • I did the trials with Legendary Hunter + rare Jesus with golden interrupt trait on weapon. I attack with hunter and stand near with Jesus to interrupt incoming Freemen.
  • More tips coming…

I’m adding first video from Pain Walker normal/hard:

BEST STRATEGY!! by Pain Walker (check his channel for great videos!):

Comment, discuss and help others! This one is gonna be tough…