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Death Wish – the new episode mission. This time we get to use Morgan (in leader position. Trait: chance to gain an extra Charge point when damaged) and King Ezekiel! From the special walkers we will get Tanks. After completing easy/hard, you will get Rosita’s tokens (???) and after trials – 20 Morgan tokens.

Normal/Hard tips:

  • You’ll only get one Tank in the last coming, so charge Ezekiel before and save his special for him.
  • One walker comes from bottom and attacks after they talk, so keep team away.
  • Use overwatch, both of them have Vigilant.
  • Use two-steps to clear more walkers by  placing survivors in the right position for attack arc to be used in full potential.
  • Video walkthrough by Pain Walker:


  • I used Jesus and Daryl for first 2, Rufus and Negan for 3rd., Rufus and Jesus for 4th., Rosita and Jesus for 5th.
  • After first kills, walker spawns at the bottom and gets a free attack, so try to place your team a little bit to the top, to avoid getting hurt.

Trial 5/5 video: