This post is for game episode 14: Highway Robbery. For TV episode, go HERE.

Highway Robbery – new TWD:NML episode. This time we face normal walker + Saviors (2x). We fight with Sasha (Leader trait gives the possibility to get charge point after a body shot) and Rosita. Mission gives Rosita’s tokens (after normal/hard and 20 after 5/5 trials).

Tips/notes (videos below):

  • There’s no unexpected walker spawns – just easily clear all of them to charge your heroes. They come in waves and the turn after you open the trunk.
  • When they come, try keeping Rosita and Sasha on the same side: top or bottom, because both of them has no wide spread – there may be some walkers left after you attack.
  • Open 2nd car after you’ve just cleared the wave – more time for saviors.
  • When 2 cars are opened and saviors spawn, I stood behind the wall, so in my turn I just did a little step to see the first survivor and killed him with 1 turn. Then another one attacked and I stunned him with Rosita and killed.
  • It’s a spawning mission, consider staying in the end to clear walkers.
  • Did all the trials with rare Rosita + Legendary Hunter.

Video from Pain Walker

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