So, after a long day of maintenance, we finally got NML Update 2.5, woohoo! Well, not for everybody and everything…

There appears to be more problems than expected – the lvl cap now is higher, but, outposts doesn’t work and many players have lost their accounts, some even can’t load their games.

The only thing for now that NG suggests is to go to game (if you can open it)>settings>help>and press button in the top right corner to contact them for support, with the problems you have.

@Teeceezy (admin) just wrote on the official game forums:

Update 2.5 – Known Issues

These issues are currently under our investigation and that we hope to have resolved soon.

  • Account Losses: We’re working on getting everyone’s accounts restored as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
  • Various connection issues.
  • Problems with matchmaking for some players.
  • Some instances of missions not loading.
  • Some unintended balance changes
  • Human enemies having 150 health regardless of level in certain missions.
  • Ability to stun fat walkers.
  • Scavenge rewards dropping from 2.4 levels.
  • Varying unintended increases in some survivors’ upgrade costs.


If you have any additional problems or you already found out how to fix something, just share your experience in the comments section! 🙂

Keep safe!