Hey! 🙂 sorry for not posting for a few days – decided to left the things about the update 2.5 still on top to help others. Today is a new day and I want to present to you maybe the best known real zombie story, that’s still a mystery until this day. It’s about Haitian men – Clairvius Narcisse, who has walked the earth long time after his death… Below is a short documentary about him and text from Wikipedia (follow the link to read everything).

Clairvius Narcisse (c. 1922 – 1964) was a Haitian man said to have been turned into a zombie by a Haitian vodou preparation, purportedly a combination of drug-like substances. The single greatest proponent of this possibility was a graduate student in ethnobotany at Harvard University, Wade Davis, who published two popular books based on his travels and ideas during and immediately following his graduate training. Subsequent scientific examinations (using tools of analytical chemistry alongside critical review of earlier reports) have failed to support the presence of a key, claimed pharmacologically active ingredient of the preparations (tetrodotoxin), that was central to the phenomena and mechanism reported by Wade. No further supporting evidence has appeared.

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