If you haven’t seen the TV episode 15, go HERE, NOW! 🙂

No Man’s Land Episode 15: Deep-Sea Creatures

This week we have Rick, Daryl, and…. GABRIEL!!!!!

+New walker: Goo – A strong walker, ready to burst if punctured with great force. Read more about Goo and other walkers HERE.

For a reward we get Daryl tokens.


  • When killing first walkers on the map, charge shooter to have two shots ready when Goo comes.
  • When you kill all of the walkers that comes with the first Goo, another, bigger wave comes just instantly. Be prepared – kill the last of the first wave walkers from a safe distance (bottom of the map) and count your moves so that your another two survivors would have their actions still available.
  • Did 4/5 trials with Abraham/Rick/Legendary Hunter, 5/5 with Rosita (epic)/Tara (rare)/Leg. Hunter.


PROMO and Walkthrough: