We are here to connect and prepare all of the people in the world for anything that can happen: flood, storm, war, virus outbreak and more. Anti Z Corporation – made by YOU, run by YOU, since 2017 – till the last one standing.
Established: 2017
Goal: to prepare people for the critical situations and discuss the threads that is happening now.
Our names: Anti Z Corp.(Corporation in full) is our “brand” name of the community. Anti Z ops (ops stand for operations) is our site’s adress as well as our secondary name and name of our guild in a game TWD: No man’s land (you can read more about it in TWD:NML section).
Features: by joining our corporation You are going to be able to chat with others, get important and crucial information for Your life, access links to free movies and tv shows we all love and etc.
We are going to share stories, tips, facts, videos and everything connected to survival.