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TWD:NML Ep16 – To the Rescue

TWD: No man’s land just came to the finale of S7. We unlock EZEKIEL after easy and hard missions of the last Ep16!!!

This time we have Carol in leader position and Ezekiel against Saviors as well as Tank and Normal walkers.

Promo video:

Normal/Hard walkthrough by PainWalker:


TWD:NML Deep-Sea Creatures

If you haven’t seen the TV episode 15, go HERE, NOW! 🙂

No Man’s Land Episode 15: Deep-Sea Creatures

This week we have Rick, Daryl, and…. GABRIEL!!!!!

+New walker: Goo – A strong walker, ready to burst if punctured with great force. Read more about Goo and other walkers HERE.

For a reward we get Daryl tokens.


  • When killing first walkers on the map, charge shooter to have two shots ready when Goo comes.
  • When you kill all of the walkers that comes with the first Goo, another, bigger wave comes just instantly. Be prepared – kill the last of the first wave walkers from a safe distance (bottom of the map) and count your moves so that your another two survivors would have their actions still available.
  • Did 4/5 trials with Abraham/Rick/Legendary Hunter, 5/5 with Rosita (epic)/Tara (rare)/Leg. Hunter.


PROMO and Walkthrough:

Update 2.5 came – help for survivors

So, after a long day of maintenance, we finally got NML Update 2.5, woohoo! Well, not for everybody and everything…

There appears to be more problems than expected – the lvl cap now is higher, but, outposts doesn’t work and many players have lost their accounts, some even can’t load their games.

The only thing for now that NG suggests is to go to game (if you can open it)>settings>help>and press button in the top right corner to contact them for support, with the problems you have.

@Teeceezy (admin) just wrote on the official game forums:

Update 2.5 – Known Issues

These issues are currently under our investigation and that we hope to have resolved soon.

  • Account Losses: We’re working on getting everyone’s accounts restored as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
  • Various connection issues.
  • Problems with matchmaking for some players.
  • Some instances of missions not loading.
  • Some unintended balance changes
  • Human enemies having 150 health regardless of level in certain missions.
  • Ability to stun fat walkers.
  • Scavenge rewards dropping from 2.4 levels.
  • Varying unintended increases in some survivors’ upgrade costs.


If you have any additional problems or you already found out how to fix something, just share your experience in the comments section! 🙂

Keep safe!

No Man’s Land: Highway Robbery

This post is for game episode 14: Highway Robbery. For TV episode, go HERE.

Highway Robbery – new TWD:NML episode. This time we face normal walker + Saviors (2x). We fight with Sasha (Leader trait gives the possibility to get charge point after a body shot) and Rosita. Mission gives Rosita’s tokens (after normal/hard and 20 after 5/5 trials).

Tips/notes (videos below):

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TWD:NML Update 2.5 – Notes are here! 

And everything started with @Teeceezy posting this picture to the forum with the name “Coming soon…”vms9rxn120r2

Why is this special? Because it’s level 21! And that means the level cap is going higher, as well as…

There’s more to this update than just a council level upgrade. @Teeceezy

Official update Notes 2.5!

New Challenge Map Sets – Two new sets of Challenge maps are available

  • After the Wildfire: A raging forest fire has left the area charred and ashen. Is there anything left to salvage from the wreckage? Can you learn who might have been the cause of the conflagration?
  • Quarry Junction: The Herd once gathered in this place, and some of the multitudes yet remain. An area so treacherous is sure to test the savvy and cunning of even the most seasoned teams of survivors.
  • Look for these new challenge sets in the coming weeks!

Challenge Onboarding

  • Several flow issues that relate to the way new players find Challenges for the first time have been addressed, so everyone can have a better time when tacking their first Challenge.
  • In order to give Challenges the moment of focus they deserve for new players, the Outpost building and PvP gameplay now unlock for new players when they reach Council Level 7.


  • The Starting Difficulty for players in mid-to-high levels has been increased slightly. Players will be able to get into the meaty difficulty levels with one fewer “warm-up” round.
  • The number of rounds in high-difficulty stages of the Challenges have been reduced. Players will be able to face extreme difficulties earlier in the Challenge period.
  • The Progression Timer period has been adjusted.
        – Players who advance to the next round twice in 60 minutes [previously 90 minutes] will see a 60-minute timer blocking further advancement. 
        – After the 60 minute timer expires, players will be able to advance twice more in the next 60 minutes before seeing the timer reappear.
  • Personal and Guild Rewards have been adjusted to allow players to shoot for even higher star totals.

New Heroes and Weapons

  • Two new Heroes are ready to join your camp! Look for their release in the next few weeks, and be ready to make some Radio Calls when you see them appear!
  • The Dixieland BBQ from the recent Talking Dead poll will be released shortly!
  • Several new weapons have been created for all classes and will become available in the game soon.

Council Level

  • Council Level 20 is here! Collect enough Supplies to upgrade your Council and several other buildings around your camp.
  • After the appropriate buildings are upgraded, survivors will be able to train up to Level 21.
  • Level 21 Equipment will now be found in the most difficult missions of the game, and can be upgraded to Level 24.
  • Level 21 Equipment will also be found in Gear Crates, the Gold Shop, and other places in the game weapons and armor were previously found.

Survivor Class Balance

  • Scout, Warrior, and Bruiser survivors are more durable, and capable of surviving encounters with high-level enemies.
  • These classes will also have their attack damage reduced by a smaller amount when they perform a Body Shot.
  • Bruiser armor has had a slight reduction in armor value, and Bruiser survivors have had their HP increased.
  • Shooter weapons have had their attack values increased.
  • The Warrior class has received an increase to its attack power.

Healing Times

  • The amount of time a Survivor needs to heal from Injuries of all severities is now calculated based on the level of difficulty of the mission where the Survivor received the injury.
  • In general, players using Survivors of a level appropriate for the difficulty of the mission will find their healing times somewhat reduced compared to previous healing times.
  • Survivors of all levels will receive long healing times for suffering a Heavy Injury in missions of difficulty 20 or greater.

Enemy Levels

  • The maximum difficulty of enemies in the game, and therefore the maximum level of Challenge and Scavenge foes has increased beyond the old maximum of level 30. Can you reach the new highest level of difficulty?
  • Walkers of all levels have been slightly strengthened. The changes will be more noticeable at higher levels of difficulty.
  • Human enemies have had their health values reduced.

Radio Calls

  • Players will receive more clear reminders that a Survivor is waiting to be accepted or rejected in the Radio Tent.
  • The tappable portion of the Radio Call interface has been adjusted making accidental calls much less likely.

Guilds & Player Names

  • Players will now get clearer information when their Challenge stars are not counted for their guilds.
  • Newly-formed guilds will have their Joining Members setting set to “Open”, making it easier for players to find others to team up with.
  • Players who entered a name that they no longer want to use can change their in-game name.
         – Players can only ever change their name once for the lifetime of their player account, so please choose wisely.
         – Players will now be asked to confirm that the name they entered is exactly the way they want it to be, since they can only change it once.


To sum up everything, I leave you with videos by Pain Walker – sneak peek 2.5

Update is expected to come after this challenge 🙂

Share your thoughts and expectations below! 🙂

TWD:NML Ep13 – Death Wish

For TV show The Walking Dead episode, go HERE.

Death Wish – the new episode mission. This time we get to use Morgan (in leader position. Trait: chance to gain an extra Charge point when damaged) and King Ezekiel! From the special walkers we will get Tanks. After completing easy/hard, you will get Rosita’s tokens (???) and after trials – 20 Morgan tokens.

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TWD episode 12: Bogeys

This post is mainly about Game episode 12: Bogeys. If you want to see Episode 12 of The Walking Dead Season 7 – PRESS HERE.


This is first time we actually meet Freemen in the S7 missions. As well as them, we are gonna fight Tank and Normal walkers.

Tips, strategies:

  • When you open the car, try having your survivors near it, so when the scout freemen comes, he doesn’t see you. Wait until walkers get him – if the way is clear, try running, if not, go through the bottom while killing your way through and letting other zombies take the scout.
  • What I did: when going with Rick and Michonne, don’t use overwatch on first one. Attack with Michonne first, then the leader trait will kick in and attack with Rick. You will take dmg, but will kill him. Then, move to bottom left, wait for walkers and charge while killing them. Some of them will attack another savior, help them with Rick. When it’s cleared, go to the car. And while opening, hide behind it (stay at top right). Walkers will spawn and attack scout, again, help them with Rick, and at the same time go through bottom of the map. Your survivor will take dmg, but you should be able to complete it.
  • I did the trials with Legendary Hunter + rare Jesus with golden interrupt trait on weapon. I attack with hunter and stand near with Jesus to interrupt incoming Freemen.
  • More tips coming…

I’m adding first video from Pain Walker normal/hard:

BEST STRATEGY!! by Pain Walker (check his channel for great videos!):

Comment, discuss and help others! This one is gonna be tough…

New hero: Dwight! And..! 

Our new hero – Dwight, has arrived. And together with Eugene! What we already know:

Dwight is Hunter, unlocked with 2 stars (uncommon), 60 stars needed. 


Share your thoughts! 

Official weekend event!

Official announcement:

Rick’s gunshots have attracted the walkers and they are now swarming around your camp gates. Take down the walkers before it’s too late!

The Herd will surround your camp for this weekend, starting on Friday at 9 AM UTC up until Monday at 1 PM UTC.
The Herd means we all are going to have better chances for Radio Phones 🙂 

Happy shooting! 

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