Raiding for Trade Goods

Many players just go for Trade Goods and tries to avoid the fight (as well as some hospital time).


  1. You must bring a Scout on Raids!! Scouts can move longer distances than other Survivors, so this is CRUCIAL!!
  2. Place your Scout in the appropriate position when opening the gate, but DO NOT OPEN THE GATE WITH YOUR SCOUT!
  3. Run to the Trade Goods Crate with your Scout, leaving at least 1 action point remaining on your other Survivor.
  4. After you open the Trade Good Crate, hit the “Complete” button in the upper right part of your screen, then hit the “Complete” button, not the “Continue” button. Doing so will end the raid, and you will keep the XP from kills and Trade Goods!
  5. If you encounter a situation where you can’t get the Trade Good Crate in one move, hit “Complete” and then “Complete” again. You will still get the XP from the kills, but no Trade Goods. Still – your Survivors won’t spend any time in the Hospital, and you can proceed to another Raid.


Raiding for influence


  • Take at least one assault with you and try to charge his special ability when going through walkers.
  • When moving through walkers, do it as slow as you can – always do your turns in two moves.
  • Count exactly how many walkers you have to kill for charging survivors – set up priorities and don’t make mistakes by killing walkers with wrong survivor (firstly, charge assault).
  • Open the gate with the survivor that is less valuable.
  • Placing before opening the gate is crucial – make sure you open the gate when all of the survivors ar in position.
  • Don’t be afraid to use Overwatch if your survivors have Interruptor trait on weapons. This can deal damage without taking any.

If you have any tips – feel free to comment and discuss below! 🙂