If an opponent raids you and takes your Trade Goods without killing defenders, you won’t lose anything. However, if you put up a fight and lose, you will also lose your influence.


When you place your Defenders on the Map, you also can choose their “Aggressiveness.” There are 3 settings (descriptions from NG staff member OldGoth).

  • Stationary: Your Defender will never move. This is a bad setting for melee Survivors.
  • Defensive: Your Defender will value cover locations over open ground, and tries to get out of sight of multiple enemies. This is also bad setting for melee Survivors as they can be easily driven into corners.
  • Offensive: Your Defender will attack (and pursue) on sight.

Defensive Tips

Here are some tips to give you the best chance of keeping your Survivors alive.

  • Place your Survivors in “Cover.” “Cover” is when your defenders are behind sandbags or small fences. In the 2 pictures above, all 6 Survivors/Defenders are in “Cover.”
  • Spread your Defenders out. Since many attackers will try to stun your Defenders with Assaults, you want them as spread out as possible to avoid having multiple Defenders attacked by one attack.
  • Use Armor with Stun Resistance Trait. This Trait will help protect you from being stunned by Assaults and Bruisers. You do not want to be stunned.
    • Try pairing Gold Stun Resistance with as much Lucky (from Weapon and Survivor Traits) as possible. It takes a combined 34% Lucky (from Weapon and Survivor) to get 100% Stun Resistance with the Gold Stun Resistance Trait.
  • Other helpful Traits to have on Outpost Defenders are:
    • Dodge (Survivor & Lucky): You won’t encounter a lot of melee survivors attacking your Outpost, but Dodge is always good.
    • Bullet Dodge (Survivor): This is a low % Trait, but any time you can dodge a bullet shot at you, the better your odds are of surviving.
    • Bullet Proof (Armor): If you do get shot, having the shot result in a body shot (half the damage) is a big help.
    • Retaliate (on Ranged Survivors): Only Daryl, Rick, and Rosita have this Trait. For this reason, choosing Daryl in Outpost is not a bad idea – if he gets shot (and isn’t stunned), he always fires back at the enemy.
    • For more specific info about Outpost Traits go to CHOOSING TRAITS section.

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P.S. Once again mentioning, that content is taken from twdnomansland.wordpress.com